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March 9, 2012



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  1. This looks…familiar. šŸ˜‰ Good to see you still kicking ass and taking names as always. I was really stunned by your most recent works.

    Also, it’s the tenth anniversary this year of all that stuff we did at Palisades. Just sayin’…

    • Hey Bry…what’s up? Great to hear from you. How did you end up finding this? You know that arm belongs to Jerry Macaluso, and he was just on tv as a contestant on face off. He didn’t win…

      • Ha, I should have guessed it was Jerry! Ah yeah, I heard about Jerry on the Micronauts/Microman Facebook group, cool that he was on at least…

        Eh, I just googled your name and tattoos. I’d been hoping to get back in touch for some time, but knew you’d said you’d be more or less offline for a good while when last we were in touch.
        How’s things going? I can see how busy you have been the last couple of years.

        Facebook’s where most of the micro action is these days, the old Yahoo group is mostly dormant now. We’re still waiting for more word from Hasbro (who AGE sold the ‘nauts to finally, a couple years ago) other than that preview comic thing they did last year for NYCC ( ). Probably won’t see the new ‘nauts until JJ Abrams makes his movie version though, so it’s still probably a couple years out unless they put out a cartoon in the meantime.

        Anyway, I won’t clutter your blog with Micro-spam. Just good to see you are doing well! Drop me an email if you want to chat, I can give you my phone there too if you like. Take it easy, man!


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