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Over qualified loser

August 20, 2012

best ink audition tape

I hate reality tv. But ask anyone I know and they’ll claim I say I love it. I do hate it though. And reality tv has actually been around since the invention of the tv, we just finally gave it a name. Game shows have always been the most successful ones, and guess what, its been scripted since day 1 too. I complain, but don’t care really, I just love tv.

So why did I make an audition tape for one of the current reality shows I detest the most?? I didn’t do it for my 15 min., I’ve already had that. Hell, I been on tv plenty of times. Was on the Bozo the Clown show when I was a kid. After I got into tattooing as a job I’ve been on the local news a bunch. Tattooed live on the news. More than once made it to national news too, I shit you not. So why did I bother to try out for this? I did it for the same reason everyone else does: I wanted a pay day.

Still do plain and simple. But ah well, seems I didn’t make it past the 3rd cut. During my second on tape interview with the casting producer she basically told me I was “over qualified” but I had “personality” and she was going to submit me as both judge and contestant. I’ve never been told I was over qualified for ANYTHING my entire life! And as I figured it ruined it for me. I mean I would have been a good “ringer” like that other show had, or shit, i’ll be the worst loser you want me to be. I don’t care, i’ll do whatever you want for ratings. Just pay me to do it.

But alas, once again it was not in the cards for me. Too bad too, cuz like I said I love tv and I have all sorts of dumb stuff I wanted to pitch to make some bad tv. I got 20+ years of good tattoo stories that would have made damn bad tv. Stuff I know would make money, and that’s what we all want in the end anyways, right? But shhhh…I’ll tell you a secret: the real bonus for me would have been just making some tv…MY kind.

Cuz I do love tv.

I would like to express my thanks to fellow Frum the Hills bandmate Bob Mellor for helping me get this together. After doing approximately 30 pages of paperwork, we only had 2 days to conceive, shoot and edit and upload this mess. Couldn’t have done it without his superb film skills. So he’s to blame


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  1. Bob permalink

    I can ruin anything with little to now effort. Your welcome dave

  2. Love it, Dave!!

  3. Less permalink

    Well old buddy – want some good old german money? Just do what you do best – we’ll be there with our skin! See you, Less (& Karin)

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