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Things that make you go: hmmmm

August 21, 2012

Which question deserves our attention more:

1. How much will our pesonal signatures change when start signing our names digitally only?

When digital finally takes over, when paper is no longer needed, or pens of any kind, and we sign with our finger only on a screen instead of our entire hand on a physical piece of paper, will our signatures change? It’s one of a persons most important  identification characteristics…will using four less fingers change that?

2. A young girl and her mother come into the shop and ask how much for a bear paw tattoo. 

Tad: how big?

Girl: I dunno. Smaller.

Tad: how much smaller?

Girl: um…smaller than this? (She points at the bear paw picture)

Tad: ok, how much smaller? The size of a dime?

Girl: what’s a dime?

Mother: she’s had credit cards all her life. She doesn’t know what money is.

Tad: how old are you????

Girl: 18

Mother pulls out a hand full of change and points out to her a dime


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One Comment
  1. Roselind Heinekamp permalink

    The girl was blonde, right?

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