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Then one day…the Germans came back…

October 10, 2012


So… finally it’s time to introduce you to Less and Karin from Hutschenhausen zee Germany. They have come to visit me for the last 4 years or so in a row. They have family in VA. and its seems to be a new tradition for us now.


Previously, I have done these music related pieces on Less’ legs. Fates Warning, The Spectre Within And Mercyful Fate’s 9


This go round he got some hot Jedi bitches around the first tattoo I did on him, the band Saga’s mascot



Here are a few shots of what ive done on Karen last time


And a close up of her 3-tittied alien dog walker…those Germans like cool stuff I tell ya


So this go round she started back to the other arm which this this already


Karen got some portraits of her and Less. As zombies. Till death and beyond do they part…


Which was really coincidental, because there were some real zombies wandering around


All in all it was an awesome time yet again this year.


They even accompanied me to the Baltimore Comic Con this year. Stay tuned for my report on that…including my adventure with Stan Lee…oh, and lets not forget the visit from another friend from Germany, Kristof



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  1. Less permalink

    That’s exactly what we Germans look like and do all the time…

  2. Less permalink

    Hey Dave, it’s a Jedi Bitch an a SITH Bitch – DAMMIT! We have to be very exact on this in the expanded Star Wars Universe otherwise some of George’s agents will beat us up real bad on the next comic con!

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