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Holy Diver or How to fuck up a painting and attempt to fix it

December 14, 2012


So I received a lot positive feedback on my recent Dio flash sheet, so I was inspired to do another Dio-esque piece, and this time it was for a trade.


Now above is what I considered at first to be the finished product, but the more I looked at it the more I disliked it. It was just kinda boring, and way way too “bright and shiny” looking. I had envisioned it to have a slightly more antique look to it, so I went out and picked up some “antique-ing” spray. Mistake #1.


What I purchased was a 2-part spray; the first spray lays down a base coat for the second spray to adhere to, which forms a type of krackled (clear) top coat giving it a more vintage look. I suppose I didn’t shake the can up enough or something because what it ended up doing was coating the entire face of the painting solid WHITE. Great. Now what the fuck do I do?

At this point I had nothing to lose, so I doused a paper towel with alcohol and began wiping it to see what would happen. Then after I took sandpaper to it (out of sheer frustration) I began to notice something. It was inadvertently making the effect I was going for to begin with.


So now that the whole “too bright and shiny” look was gone, I took my acrylics out again and did another underpaint coat. Then I busted out the liquid acrylics to do some fine tuning…and it actually started to look good again.


Once I got it looking acceptable, I took sandpaper to it one last time to rough it up some more. Finally, I got the EXACT distressed look I was going for. Add a $15 antique frame, and voila! Ronnie James Dio as the Holy Diver, with the sacred heart in the center (replacing the traditional one) from his Sacred Heart album, and his mascot Murray floating beside him like the Holy Ghost.


Boy, I sure hope the person I’m trading with likes it…


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