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Tattooed records

April 1, 2013

I collect records (I’m not a hoarder…I prefer the term “collector”. Hoarding suggests mental illness and everyone already knows how mental I am) for various reasons. Most of the time its for the music of course, but every now and again I just can’t resist owning an interesting 12″x12″ piece of art. And if its tattoo related, even better.

Here are some recent additions to the COLLECTION (not hoarding pile):


Might as well start off with a bang. Rory Gallagher “Tattoo” from 1973. Very authentic looking tattoo flash illustrations all over this sleeve both back and front. The artists name is Robin Lawrie and no, he’s not a tattooer. He has done graphic novel adaptions of some C.S. Lewis books though, among 300 others. Very nice work indeed. You have to remember too, back in the 70’s it wasn’t very easy to find tattoo flash to copy. He didn’t have Google thank god…he had to do his research.


Maybe he was tattooed and went to his local guy for reference. Who knows, doesn’t matter. Its good. Oh yea, Rory Gallagher is cool too. Once voted better guitar player than Eric Clapton…so anyway, moving along:


And here’s one everybody knows, good ‘ol Uncle Ted. “Penetration”, 1984. (Co-incidentally that same year Metallica released “Ride The Lightening” and Slayer “Live Undead”) And what a surprise, the title of the album is a sex reference. So why not get the sexiest artist alive to paint the cover, none other than Boris Vallejo. But of course Boris is a pro, and the illustration is damn good. Both dragons are passable. Too bad the album sucks. Next:


Exile “Stage Pass” from 1978. Yes, Exile, the band who wrote “Kiss You All Over”. Now I promise you it does not get more authentic than this. The photo credit locale reads just “Big Joe’s Tattoo Shop Ltd.” You know how I know this is legit tattoo art? Only a tattooer would add an Ltd. to his shop name to look more pro, to get more dough! Thats the nature of our job…I’d have done the same thing. These days its “LLC” tho. Ha! Next:


The Tramps “III” 1977. No, this is not the album with the song “Disco Inferno” on it, that would be the album called “Disco Inferno” duh. Although, this would have made a better album cover for it, no? No mention of who that hot model is, but I’m 99% sure that tattoo us real. Neat idea to incorporate her work.

Now here’s a strange one:


Mint Tattoo “Mint Tattoo”. I wish there was a year/date printed somewhere on this lp ( I’m guessing 71/72) and is noted for containing two original members of Blue Cheer; Bruce Stevens and Ralph (Burns) Kellogg. Wish it sounded more like Blue Cheer. But the best part of this gatefold album is opening it up to a sweet surprise…TITS!!


So since I’m on the subject of female body parts, here’s another one that has boobs on the cover with an arm tattoo that reads: “Gangsters of Love”.


This lp came out in 1973 on Capitol records. Great tattoo looking logo. I’d call them a funk band, with rock influences. And a horn section. Not as good as the band Chicago, but a helluva lot cooler looking. Contains a so-so cover of Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones.


Now to move a little southward on the female form to the ass…well, more-so the hip area with the Le Pamplemousse album “Le Spank”. Le pamplemousse translates to “the grapefruit”. Um, and “Le Spank” translates to…um “the spank”. ‘Nuff said. Disco from 1977.


And lastly, we have probably the first famous tattooed bad boy band…well, sort of after AC/DC I guess. And they’re from Sydney as well, but uh…they really were tuff guys. Rose Tattoo, the debut album also known as “Rock-N-Roll Outlaw” 1978. These guys were for real rock n rollers. Great album, great song. Not an AC/DC clone at all.


Now the strange thing is though, there’s no credit given for the logo. It’s a cool logo for sure, very traditional, very accurate for the times. I wanna think a tattooer drew it, but I’m inclined to believe it was either a band member trying his own hand at tattoo art, or maybe one of their friends. I couldn’t even find it in this kick ass book called BAND ID. Nothing but band logos. Over 400 freakin pages worth! Awesome book.


Bravo to whomever did design it though, nice job. If anyone knows who might have done it, I would love to know.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned kids.


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  1. Bad ass. Great collection.

  2. less permalink

    Great idea – fun to read!

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