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Up The Irons

April 15, 2013

I was asked to participate in an Iron Maiden themed art show at The Pretty Pretty Collective in San Francisco. The show started Friday, March 16th and runs for two months…

So I broke out the (not gonna mention the soda name ’cause they aren’t sponsoring me but let’s say it looks exactly like the color of your urine when you’re pissing 12 of them out) and got to work.



Since it was almost Steve Harris’ 57th birthday I went with a bass guitar theme. I mean soccer theme. Football theme. You get the theme. And I love illustrating basses. And I did Steve’s.


Steve’s Fender P Bass is a nice blue metal flake color, so I picked some up from my local Pep Boys. They have everything for less. (Free plug) I should have done some test patches first. But I’m dumb and didn’t. I layered it on too thick I think, it just got too dark for me. Still came out cool though… it was fun regardless


Next one was even more fun! Me aping Derek Riggs. Or trying my best not to insult him. Had lots of fun.


I call it “Paybacks A Bitch


And here are a few old tattoo pics I dug out to celebrate all things Eddie…



Oh yes, and painted this ‘lil guy for my friend Dave Rite for sending the piece I did for him out to SF.


But sadly have to end this post off on a sad note, as Clive Burr passed away on March 12th. If you don’t know who he is, please see his Wikipedia page.


He was the drummer on Killers, the album that got me into Maiden


8 March 1957 – 12 March 2013



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