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Jack “King” Kirby

May 5, 2013


Before there was the Marvel U, there were monsters.


And Jack Kirby was the undisputed king of the monsters. In the early 60’s, before Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Marvel (then known as Timely) was in the business of romance, teen, western and of course monster comics. They had such titles as Journey Into Mystery, Tales of Suspense and Amazing Adventures.


These monsters were the precursor to the super heroes that were soon to follow a few years later, boasting familiar names such as the Thing, the Hulk, Elektro, Magnetor, Cyclops, Van Doom, Thorg, Colossus and of course Fin Fang Foom.


Yes, these were the comics your parents warned you about. Each story was only a few pages long, and each story was meant as a precautionary tale not to mess with things you don’t understand. Every parents worst nightmare, every little kids dream come true. And all this for only the cost of one thin dime.


So in tribute to Mr. Kirby, I decided to create something I thought kids of that time era (or this era for that matter) would enjoy. A set of (un cut) Jack Kirby Kollector Kards. I decided to paint each card 4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″, about 2″ larger than the standard size. This way, if I ever decide to make prints…or even REAL trading cards, they can be shrunk down accordingly. So far I’ve completed the first 20:


#01-“X” #02-“Monstrom”


#03-“Lo-Karr” #04-“Rommbu


#05-“the Hulk” #06-“Goom


#07-“Gigantus” #08-“Sserpo


#09-“Spoor” #10-“the Glob


#11-“Cyclops” #12-“Gruto


#13-“Fin Fang Foom” #14-“Rorgg”


#15-“Orrgo” #16-“Vandoom”


#17-“Monsteroso” #18-“Monster


#19-“Gorgilla” #20-“the Green Thing”

And in case you were wondering about the creative process, as shown below, I would first work out my sketch and use a light box to lightly trace the image. Then I would go old school, the same way guys like Dick Ayers would, and inked everything where possible with a brush. I definitely honed some brush skills completing this piece.


Thanks again Jack. You will now and forever will be The King.



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