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Does this tattoo look backwards to you?

May 15, 2013

Yea it looks backwards to me too. But actually, it’s not.


Obviously this is a fake tattoo applied to the arm of hunky Channing Tatum from the horrible movie Stop-Loss. (It’s not a horrible movie because its a military movie staring these 2 lunkheads , it’s a horrible movie because the song “let the bodies hit the floor” is playing in the background during this particular scene.)

So knowing that it’s fake automatically makes you assume the make-up/tattoo “designer” or whomever applied it, applied it wrong. Again, not true. It actually is placed facing the correct way, when it’s worn on the body that is.


Army Regulation 670–1 Uniforms and Insignia Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia states: “The flag patch on the left sleeve of a uniform should have the union to the viewer’s left while a patch on the right sleeve should be displayed with the union to the viewer’s right so that, in both cases, the flag is facing forward and is streaming to the back as the person moves forward.”

So even though it looks backwards, it’s really forwards.

And now you know.


And knowing is half the battle.




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One Comment
  1. Mike Brodsky "DitosDad" permalink

    Good job with the Army Regulation 670-1 research! The flag worn is supposed to show the flag moving forward into battle.

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