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Step-by-step with Ken Kelly

May 25, 2013


Back in 2005, a company named SOTA Toys was poised to re-launch the classic Micronauts line…and this time the Micronauts had evolved. A few years earlier Palisades Toys did the same thing with reproduction figures, and they met with mixed reviews. So SOTA owner Jerry Macaluso had different ideas…

SOTA Toys Lobros figure at Toy Fair 2005

He had envisioned a whole new look for the classic line, but that’s a different story for a different day. You can read about it in this exclusive interview on Innerspace Online.


As part of the new line. I created a mini 4 page comic book, which would have been included in the packaging, with hopes of spinning it off to Marvel comics (or any interested publisher) as a new Micronauts comic series. Alas, it was not meant to be, but at least one nice thing came out of the cancelled mess.


I commissioned a painting from Ken Kelly, the same artist who did the original card art for the Mego Micronauts Lobros toy. It was discussed to possibly use it as card/box art, but unfortunately SOTA lost its license for the toys after a 2 year delay, which meant all the work out into the line was for nothing.

Art by Tranformers artist Guido Guidi

Ken was nice enough to take progress pictures for me, and shown here for the first time ever are those photos. If you’ve ever wondered what the process is for a master painter like Ken, wonder no more. And enjoy.







The painting is oil on Masonite and is approx. 24″x30″. And be sure to read my exclusive interview with Ken Kelly, also on Innerspace Online.



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  1. That’s rad Dave, I remember the originals. Your art always kills.

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