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June 22, 2013

Well it’s getting to be that time again. Time when I have a bunch of art accumulating around my house…so lets see what we have, shall we?


First up are 2 pieces I did for a friend of mine, a guy named Rodney Henry. He owns and operates Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore (and Washington, D.C. and Chicago.) You might recognize him from his band, the Glenmont Popes or maybe you’ve seen him on Food Networks new season of Next Food Network Star contest show. Either way, Rodney has style. Piestyle that is…


Next something I did just for fun. Celebrating the new Black Sabbath album “13”, with an Ozzy flash sheet. And yes, I don’t like Sharon.


Next is the third stage of a project my business partner (and long time friend) Dave Wright and I are working on for a band named Alloy 20. I did the line drawing of the mascot we’ve dubbed “Stupidface McGee” a few months back and gave it to Dave for texturing. He photoshopped in some basic textures, and now I’ve gone through and done a shading layer. It’ll go back to him for compositing. I left some notes for him too as you can see.


Recently received an awesome book of the flash/tattoo art collection of tattooer Jason Brooks of Great Wave Tattoo in Texas. It’s entitled “Legends” and it certainly lives up to its name. Here I was inspired to re-create an old Huck Spaulding dragon, and it came out ok I think.


Jason’s “Legends” book can be ordered here


Lastly, I’ve been working on a bunch of pieces for an upcoming Micronauts themed art show taking place in Portland in August. The first is a larger piece done on a canvas board with acrylics, the others are smaller and done on watercolor paper with liquid acrylics.





And these last 4 are 3″x 5″ blank puzzles I found at an art supply store. Thought they would be fun to customize.



As always, all of these are for sale and all are always a learning experience. Because as you can see below, I still screw ’em up once and a while…



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  1. microbry permalink

    Awesome, Dave! Looking forward to seeing your work at the show!

  2. Those are beautiful!

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