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By All Means Necessary

July 15, 2013

By All Means Necessary is a tattoo artist tribute to underground music…and I am glad to have been apart of it.


This book was just released last month, and is the brain child if Italian tattoo artist Gallinini “Gallo” Andrea. His idea was to get a collection of art together as a tribute to underground music by tattoo artists that were “raised” on underground music. And he did a fantastic job doing just that.


The book is a whopping 183 pages, and the format is 12″x12″. If that size sounds either a bit odd or familiar, it’s because that is the same size as a standard album cover. There are just as many artist that contributed as well, and if you click on the images of the table of contents below, you can see exactly how many incredible artists (and music lovers) were involved.



My entry is on page 169, and I chose Twisted Sister. I was added on much closer to the publishing due date, so I only had a week to get designs together, get it inked and painted, and mailed off to Italy in time. In my rush, I must have not seen (or maybe it wasn’t made clear to me) that the format was 12″x12″. I inadvertently painted my piece the standard flash sheet size of 11″x14″. Whoops.


So when Gallo received it, he informed me of my mistake so I immediately took the only photo I had of the sheet and in about an hour photoshopped it to fit the correct format size. Whoops again. Unfortunately, the image quality I had wasn’t as good as a proper scan, but I think it reproduced well enough considering I was out of time with the deadline almost upon me. Below is the finished printed page.


This was my first flash sheet of 2013, and I am very happy with what I did. It set the tone for the rest of this year and has since inspired a slew of new music related pieces I want to create. Below are some more samples of the fantastic art in this book.




Gallo’s next book project is a continuation if this idea…this time the format will be 7″x7″. I picked my favorite punk/metal band The Accüsed this time, and I’m excited to get started on it! And yes, I will make sure this time It’ll be the correct size…

For ordering and Paypal info email or visit Gallo’s site


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