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July 26, 2013

It was 1990. I’d gotten my first tattoo five years earlier, and it was then I finally decided to get serious about tattoos. Easyriders “Tattoo Magazine” was a bible to me at this point. It was the only accessible tattoo magazine out there, and I would memorize it cover to cover.


And when they let it be known that they took art submissions, I saw this as my golden opportunity. This was my big chance and I wasn’t gonna blow it.


Boy. Was I wrong.


Yes I was devastated to say the least, thanks “Joe Flash”. But in reality…thank you for real Joe Flash. You took the time to reply (even if only a form letter), and better yet you sent my originals back. Nobody EVER did or does that. But you did.







And best of all, this made me try even harder. Original pieces drawn for tattoo magazine submission in 1990, age 23.

Oh and about 2 years later I finally made it in. And yup, I was in the same magazine as Riki Rachtman.



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