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High school art show

August 9, 2013

If you read my previous post entitled “rejected” you saw some stunning (not really) artwork I did before becoming a professional artist (not really) for a living. Along those 20+ year old gems were some 30 year old gems…artwork done while I was still in high school. So for your viewing pleasure, here they are. Once again, I hadn’t seen these things in over 20 or so years…enjoy!

Original concept art for the band Just Cause 7″ “No Barriers” drawn approx. 1991

Notice the “MUYA” on her boot. That stands for “metal up your ass”. As all good Metallica fans know

I have no idea what this was supposed to be…

Logo for a band I was in for 5 minutes that never had one practice



Definitely metal AND evil. And never finished

I liked this lizard dude so much…

I re-did him a year later

And apparently between the years 83 and 84 I changed my signature, which I still use to this day. Been signing art the same way for 29 years now

Above and below we’re drawn my senior year in HS


Hope you enjoyed that…I’ve been cringing a little…


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One Comment
  1. You might cringe, but I never had any kind of artistic talent like that. Non-artists are less judgemental I think. šŸ™‚

    Very cool to see your progression. (I think I still have a Tattoo Ink magazine with an interview of yours in it.)

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