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Top 5 most jamminest performance videos of all time

August 11, 2013

In the early 80s music videos were an interesting thing. In the new dawn of the video age, music videos replaced the 45 rpm 7″ as a bands promotional tool. MTV just started, and a whole new world opened up for my young musician eyes and brain, waiting to be molded.


Music videos now are nothing short of multi-million dollar movies, all shot in hi-def, insane sets and choreography etc etc…but back in the early days, before green screens and celebrities staring in your movie, band simply had to rely on themselves. They had to fucking jam out, sans special effects and swirling camera tricks, just jam the fuck out and sell themselves and the song. And do it in a clever way. This was my favorite era for music videos.

I’ve complied a top 5 (for right now) of my all time favorite jamminest videos of all time. Now these are just the first five I thought of off hand, but as I remember more…I might update this list…but for now, these here are the cream of the crop. There are only 3 basic requirements:

1. No distracting story line/plot going on instead of/in conjunction with the song itself. This obviously leaves some good videos out, like Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher


Now while this is and amazing song AND video, it’s not a 100% performance “alone” video. It’s got some awesome bits in it, like Eddie walking the length of a table doing his guitar solo etc, bit it also doesn’t qualify to be as a stand alone jammin’ out video

2. The editing need to be on point. All cuts, shots and edits have to be right on the money. Key parts in the songs MUST be highlighted and most of all, the band has to SELL IT.

3. The song HAS to rock. ‘Nuff said.

Follow me so far? I think you do…so now here they are, for your listening and viewing pleasure, what I consider the top 5 most jamminest videos of all time: (on no particular order)

1. Queen Play The Game


A sweaty Freddie Mercury in leather pants, flying microphones and a wrestling match for Brian May’s guitar. What more do you need?

2. J Geils Band Come Back


Not as funny or as clever as their Love Stinks or Centerfold videos, but as you can see in the clip it starts off with a bang and never let’s up. These guys are showing how kick ass they are as a live band

3. Journey Separate Ways


This is one of the songs from an album that made them mainstream stars. Before Journey was known as a ballad band, they were a rockin’ band from SF. Both the original keyboard player Greg Rollie and guitarist Neal Schon were in Santana. Neal was 16. And no, that’s not the old keyboard player above. That was the new guy…

4. INXS Don’t Change


This video is simply off the charts as far as planned shots go. The director for this video is amazing. Every shot counts. Every shot catches something interesting happening. And the band 100% sells it! And…this song rocks

5. Judas Priest Hot Rockin’


I mean, what can I say about this video? It starts off with the band shirtless working out in a gym, and ends up on stage with a bunch of headbangers and everything is on fire. Guitars, drums everything. Even Rob’s microphone. What more could you need???

Now go to you tube and watch them and see if you agree. Your welcome


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