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More tattooed records

November 26, 2013

Found a few more tattoo related album covers recently, so let’s jump right in. First up, Boxer “Absolutely“, CBS/Epic records 1977.


Don’t know what they sound like and didn’t buy it. Decent try at a heart w/banner though. This is their second lp and contains notable bass player Tim Bogert. Still didn’t pick it up. I don’t have this next one either, but am currently looking for it. Supertramp “Indelibly Stamped“, A&M records, 1971.


I know, right? Who knew Supertramp were cool. From Wikipedia: “The cover depicts the tattooed torso and arms of a woman. It is commonly believed that the model for the cover was Rusty Skuse, largely due to a tattoo on the left arm which names “Bill” and “Rusty”; however, a comparison between the album cover and photographs of Skuse’s tattoos show that this is not the case. According to Paul Sayce, writing in Tattoo News, the model was Marion Hollier, who was extensively tattooed at the Les Skuse Tattoo Studio in the 1960s. An article published in The People shortly after the album’s release also identifies Hollier as the model, noting that she was paid £45 for the job.”


Next: Booty People “Booty People“, ABC records 1977. Funk/soul outfit, possibly best band name and lp cover ever. Apparently the cover design was by Lee Oskar. You might know him as the only white guy in the band War.


Here’s a classic, the tattooed albino guitar player Johnny Winter with “Guitar Slinger“, Alligator records 1984.


This old fucker put out his first album at age 15. And I don’t need to tell you who his younger brother is, but Johnny here did have better tattoos for sure . Here’s another classic cover, The Rolling Stones with “Tattoo You“, Rolling Stone records 1981.


I always thought this was a woman on the cover, but it’s actually Mick. (Duh). This album was complied of studio outtakes dating back to the early 70’s, but actually yielded 3 big hits for them; “Start Me Up”, “Hang Fire” and “Waiting On A Friend”. Great tattoo design work by artist Christian Piper. And below, the other half of the Glimmer Twins, Keith.


Next up, definitely one of two finds of the month: Sweet Pain “Sweet Pain“, United Artists 1970.


(Note there is no needle set up in the machine…) This band is a great example of early 70’s west coast rock n roll with sophisticated vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements. And it just plain JAMS. Sounds kinda like a heavier version of CCR. Highly recommended if you can find it. Last up is the other find of the month, Ruben and the Jets “For Real“, Mercury records 1973.


This lp was produced by Frank Zappa, and the band was named after the Zappa album “Cruisin’ with Ruben & The Jets”. The band had a bluesy/doo wop/r&b feel, with Zappa himself contributing some songs. More notably (to tattoo aficionados) the band contained a sax player named Robert “Buffalo” Roberts, better known to us as Bob Roberts.


And as you should know, Bob just happens to be an iconic tattooer from the 70s/80s. And 90s. And is still even now.


From “Bob Roberts is a tattoo artist from Los Angeles. He started tattooing in 1973 at the Pike and studied under Bob Shaw and Col. Bill Todd for 3 years. Then he worked under Cliff Raven for a couple years. After that he moved to San Francisco and worked beneath Ed Hardy for 3 years. He opened his first shop in New York City called Spotlight Tattoo but eventually moved back to Los Angeles and opened a shop there. He is still at the same location today.” ‘Nuff said. In 2010 Bob released his first book called “In A World of Compromise…I Don’t” and can be ordered from State of Grace Tattoos.


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  1. Bobby permalink

    Please- add these to the collection nearly all of their albums have tattoos on the covers, and of course there’s the Original Ausyralian album cover of AC/DC ‘s Dirty deeds :-

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