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X-mas commission for X

December 15, 2013


I was commissioned to do a “portrait” of a female body builder for a x-mas gift by her trainer who is a friend of mine. She competes under the name “X”, and is a lovely woman – and she’s ripped – so I had to made sure not to screw it up too bad…so I busted out my Hulk juice and colored pencils and got to work


I made three sketches altogether. The first one was too muscular, the second she was too “fat”


I leaned her up a bit and got the approval to go ahead. First step is outlining with a light box


I then dug out a few Prismacolors to match skin tone. Grabbed dark brown, not black, for the shadowed areas and burnt ochre and beige for the lighter tones. X is Brazilian and has a lovely brown complexion which is tricky to get right


It takes a LOT of layering when you use colored pencils, and if you layer too much the surface gets too waxy to work with. Once all the tones and layers are put it, it’s time to ink the background


For the larger black areas I use a Prismacolor marker, and then clean up the lines and edges (and second layer of black) with small and brush tipped Faber-Castell markers


Now when I’m trying to achieve a deep, pitch black for the background, I would go over it again with a black colored pencil. This gives it a nice velvety look. But that’s not what I had in mind. I wanted to “electrify” the figure, so I took a white colored pencil over the markers for the effect


And then one last pass with the Faber-Castell’s to sharpen the outline and viola! One X-mas gift for a woman named X

“X” 8″x10″ colored pencil and marker

I make a mess when I work



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