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Tattoo time part uno

December 30, 2013

I wrapped up 2 back pieces this year and started another. Here are some shots


This is on a friend and long time client named Doug. It’s after a piece by an artist named Syliva Ji. We changed a few things here and there, most notably the face. It’s Doug’s wife in the portrait part. Geez I hope they never split up!


Also finished up another long time client named Catherine’s back. This has been getting added onto for the last 6 or so years. She didn’t plan on a full back, but it looks like she ended up with one


She started out with the swallow in the upper left, then added the seahorse on the other shoulder. Then the giant flower…then she added everything else


Since some of the older pieces were starting to soften up a bit next to the newer work, I re-outlined them to bring them em out a little better. This way the background stays in the background and isn’t competing with the foreground images



And finally started a back piece on an 18 year old Marine. Them guys got guys I tell ya


Above 1st session, below 2nd


And here is what we accomplished during session 3



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