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I Micronauti

March 1, 2014


Sometime around 1980 the Mego Micronauts line moved to Italy, to be distributed and marketed through a company called GiG.


To read more about the Italian I Micronauti line, see Innerspace Online for all the details.



The Italian releases were identical to the American releases, having the benefit of old stock and the original molds to work from, so the line pretty much contained the same figures and vehicles all around.


The real stars of the I Micronauti line were the Magnos. 6″ figures with magnetic ball and socket joints. These figures came with “steeds” that they could combine with and make a centaur figure.



There were 7 mango figures released: Baron Karza, Force Commander with their respective steeds Andromeda and Oberon.


Emperor and Megas also started out as an American Lion Rock (Mego’s main distributor) limited release, but is much more common in the Italian market.


Now the exact origins of King Atlas and Lantaurion (from the planet Magma) and Green Baron and Pegasus (from the planet Floron) aren’t exactly knows as they have also seen a release in the US Interchangeables line as Lord Meto and Metallion


Another big player was Red Falcon, a repurposed Microman magnemo called Death Cross. Dubbed “the winged prince of all the Micronauts” he was probably the most elaborate and expensive releases if the Italian line.


And lastly one of the stranger items produced carrying the Micronauts brand was “Micronite“, a blatant rip off of another older American toy: silly putty. These small paper ads were purchased from an eBay auction, came straight from Italy and are probably more rare than the actual figures themselves!


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