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Thor in 5 easy (not really) steps

April 5, 2014

I painted an 8″x10″ sign for my local comic shop, Beyond Comics. The owner Jon is partial to The Mighty Thor, and there is no other better source to choose from than Jack “King” Kirby. I pulled an image from online of a classic “Marvel Masterworks” pin-up page. I was lucky to find a pen and ink version as well



So here is the commission in 5 easy steps. Actually, painting on black canvas is harder than it appears


Step 1. Blocking in of the colors


Step 2. Adding another layer of color. The black canvas doesn’t want to let the paint saturate very well, and if you continue to brush color over “wet” color, you’ll wipe it right off. Having a hair dryer handy really helps


Step 3. Lining in some black. This is the fun part, using a brush to “ink” the line details. This is the way the old guys did it, so this is the way I (try) to do it


Step 4. Blocked in the lettering in white, because under painting will help make the red I planned on using for the lettering brighter. Also added a few more color layers for depth


Step 5. I noticed Thor’s left arm looked kinda f*d up, so I decided to paint over it and re-do it. And last added red with white highlights to the Beyond Comics logo. Also adding the white outline around the figure shows off the line work better. All in all, a lot if fun to do. Thanks for inspiring me Jack!



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