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Wipe your @$$ with Spidey and Hulk

May 24, 2014


In 1979 the shit must have been seriously piling up, or there must have been a shortage in super hero toilet paper, because under license of Marvel Comics Group the company Oh Dawn! Inc. released one of the most bizarre comic related items ever. “The Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk toilet paper”. Yes. Toilet paper. Shit tickets. With spider-Man and the Hulk printed on it.


Their images weren’t just on the box mind you, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The box itself is a nice collectible piece, featuring some original art by what looks to be John Romita Sr., although it could be by an artist named Dave Hunt who was known at the time to draw a decent Spidey for other licensed Marvel stuff, including comics.


The sides, including the top and bottom all had full color illustrations on them. Some were original for the square format, others were just stock photostats that were used over and over again for different products.


And while the outside shows Hulk and Spider-Man going at it, the inside tells another story all together. Literally.


The back of the box reads as follows “presenting an all-new, action-packed confrontation between Marvel’s mightiest super-stars!” This might have had something to do with the fact that both the spider and the green guy were on TV at the time.


So yea. There’s an original story printed right on the tissue.



So without further ado, I present to you “The Gamma Gambit” written by Jim Salicrup and Michael Higgens. Art credit isn’t given, but it appears to be by an early Hulk artist, Marie Severin







So there you have it. Both Bruce Banner and Peter Parker attend a gamma powered/atomic generator exhibition at Empire State University. But they weren’t the only two in attendance, as the Leader and his Mechanoid robot break on to steal it. Am I the only one who thought having an experiment like this at a college was a bad idea? Anyhoo…when the Leader goes to gamma-blast an innocent victim (Peter) Bruce jumps in to take the brunt of the blast. And you know what happens next. All in all, this story, expanded, would have made a fine issue of Marvel Team-Up for sure.


I don’t think ill ever wipe my butt with it tho. ‘Nuff said.


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