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Microman Transfer Fortress

August 7, 2014


In 1976 the Japanese Microman series got it’s first remote controlled toy, er, ship, er fortress. Regarded as more a base than a vehicle, came the Transfer Fortress. A monster of a toy containing over 70 individual pieces to make 8 toys in 1.


The attention to detail was amazing, as shown by the box top interior which contained the “instruction sheet”.




Inside there were die cut cardboard inserts to hold specific parts, many of which were small easily lost. Before the choking hazard was an issue (forcing Mego to put large rubber tips on the projectiles) the Transfer Fortress came with suction cup tipped missiles which fired from the side cars which also could be played with as a gun.


To top off this beast of a toy was an insert on one side containing technical info and the famous “cut away” diagram illustration that many Microman toys came with


And the reverse side containing a cool painting of the base in action. As always it begs the question: where is this artwork now??


For more info on the Transfer Fortress see and for info on the Mego US version called Battle Cruiser see


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