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Let’s talk about the Hulk

August 14, 2014

Picked up a beat to hell copy of The Incredible Hulk #4 recently, and the content is just too good to keep to myself. So without further ado…


This particular issue is referred to as a “reader copy”. The cover is a little less than half way shredded (still attached) and has a small chunk missing from the bottom right. It is also suffering from “Marvel chipping”, where the edges of the cover are a bit brittle and tend to chip and break off if not handled properly.


My copy is also missing page 1, the title or “splash” page, which in fact makes it almost worth the cover price once again. But as is the norm for comic books of this age (it’ll be 52 years old this November) the interior is otherwise intact and in perfect reading shape.

Splash page of the second story in #4

So here for your viewing pleasure are some random panels from The Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #4





One of the best visuals in any Hulk story is the “transformation”. Especially in the early days…



The second story focused on a fight between ol greenskin with this guy:


Turns out Mongu was just a crummy robot with a dirty Commie inside.


Yes, the Hulk was challenged to a fist fight by a Russian Communist. You have to remember it was 1962, and even the Fantastic Four kinda owe their powers to the Russians…because their whole reason for sneaking into that rocket was to beat the Commies to the moon…




Also as a note: at this time Hulk was still wearing blue pants. He didn’t start wearing those stylish purple trousers until much later…


But it turns out in #4, a Hulk robot is seen sporting them first! Shades of things to come


And, as every story seemed to do in those days, ends with Bruce Banner and Rick hiding away into their underground lair to get some rest to figure out what the fu*k they were going to do tomorrow.


Little did they know they would be cancelled two issues later…



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