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Frank Frazetta by Frank Frazetta Jr.

April 30, 2015

Great news Frazetta fans! Starting this May, the newly re-modeled Frank Frazetta Art Museum will reopen until September. 

From the Frazetta Art Museum website: “After nearly 5 years, My wife Lori and I reopened the doors to accommodate the patrons for the first time as sole proprietors. The museum and estate property was previously owned and operated by my parents since 1971. Exhibiting my personal collection of my fathers art made it all worth the time and effort we both put forth in acquiring the estate property. With sole ownership, I had my personal concept on how to present my collection of my fathers art and memorabilia to the fans.” – Frank Frazetta Jr. 

Frank and Frank Jr., from “Frank Frazetta Art and Rememberences”

To coincide incidentally with the reopening of the museum is a new biography, which would probably be a more correct term to use rather than just “book”. But don’t let the word biography fool you, It’s a biography in every sense of the word, but done the Frazetta way. Chock full of glorious Frazetta Art!  


Written and compiled by Frank’s son, Frank Jr.,    “Frank Frazetta Art and Rememberences” is the most up to date and comprehensive look at the man who was Frank Frazetta. 


In equal abundance are family photos, most never before seen, from every era of Frazetta’s life. All as seen through the eyes of his son, Frank Jr., the book details in chronological order the career of the greatest fantasy painters of all time. 



Of special interest to me was seeing The inclusion of early Frazetta comic books. Not his professional comic art, most of that stuff can be found in other collections. I mean actual Frank Frazetta hand drawn comic books.

Apparently Frank Sr. was a King Kong fan…

As an avid Frzetta collector, I own almost every book I can track down. And while some books strive to stand out, most don’t. More or less you find yourself flipping through and gazing at the same beautiful paintings over and over again. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re a Frazetta fan like me, you always want to see more. “Frank Frazetta Art and Rememberances” supplies just that. 


Ed. note: I came across this new book while at The Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey earlier this year. I had a chance to speak with Frank’s grandson who informed me of the museums re-opening. The Frazetta estate has a lot of cool new merchandise to offer, but I dig the more vintage items…a few of which I came across recently I’d like to share:

Sealed Frazetta calandar from 1979, in its original mailing box. 

Carnival style mirror from 1979 

copyright info on back of mirror

“Fire and Ice” portfolio from 1991

And last but not least, set of 3 factory sealed “Female Golpher” watercolor prints from 1990  (painted in 87)


I have an additional set for sale for $75 please email me if interested. Long live Frank Frazetta!   


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