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Peter Mui’s tattoo art collection 

October 18, 2015


“YellowMan founder Peter Mui had only two fears: throwing a party and having nobody show up, and stage fright. But Monday evening, October 19th, 2009, at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC, Peter Mui was center stage to a packed house filled with an extremely diverse crowd, assembled together to honor his life and his legacy. The Hiro Ballroom, at the Maritime Hotel in NYC’s Chelsea district, set a fitting atmosphere of cultural diversity, an attribute that was important to Peter Mui.” (From Yellowman’s WordPress blog)


 Peter in his offices in the fashion district NYC 

In 2007 I was approached by Peter to contribute to his t-shirt line, Yellowman, and little did I know just what I was in for. I knew he had approached other tattoo artists to design shirts (ala Ed Hardy on steroids style) but I didn’t know exactly how extensive his collection had already become. 

This was tattoo art as high fashion. And Peter was not joking around. I had a meeting with him at his offices to discuss different properties he was considering, and to my surprise the entire collection was there in his office. 

Original large scale pieces of artwork by some of this generations leading tattoo artists were scattered all over the room. Art by Japanese greats Horiyoshi 3 and Horitomo, Filip and Titine Leu, California greats like Aaron Cain and the crew at Black Heart tattoo, and American Traditional master Bob Roberts among others. The list went on and on with plenty of other American and European artists being represented by their art, it was an amazing sight to behold. 

And now, for the first time ever, part of this amazing assortment ment can be seen and purchased. Live Auctioneers is selling over 500 pieces from Peter’s personal collection, and it’s quite possibly the largest accumulation of art by tattooers EVER. 

Instead of posting pictures from the pieces that are already being sold via their website, I decided to share some of the other artwork that hasn’t hit the chopping block yet. Here are some of my favorites:

 By Aaron Cain 

 By Horitomo 

 By Phil Holt 

  By Filip Leu 


 A few more by Aaron Cain


 By Chris Conn

And last but not least, here are a few of my Marvel Ink shirts that made print, but that’s another story for another time…

Peter Mui was a true patron of the arts, and a great guy to boot. It’s wonderful that the public finally has a chance to see what Peter had done for/with tattoo artists. Although he had no tattoos himself, he had planned traveling the world and working on a body suit before his untimely demise. Which is too bad, because anything Peter did was an adventure. Just ask anyone who knew him.

Below are photos I took at his memorial in 2009. R.I.P. Peter, I’m a better person for knowing you. You got me enthusiastic about making art again, and for that I am truly grateful. 



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