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Black⚡️Friday sale

November 27, 2015

All original artwork on sale today and thru this weekend only up to 50% off, order multiples and shipping is free. All 6″x 6″-$75, all 8″ X 10″-$100, and all are liquid acrylic on black canvas. 

Email for availablity. PayPal only user ID:

   Galactus 6″x 6″ 

 Zardoz 6″x 6″

  Untitled 6″x 6″

 Maskarton 6″x 6″ 

 Fembot 6″x 6″ 

   Benji 6″x 6″ sold
 Bruce 6″x 6″ sold

   Peter and Betty 8″x 10″
 Machine Man 8″x 10″

   Cap 8″x 10″
 Doc Ock 8″x 10″ sold

   Doom 8″x 10″ sold
 Grey Hulk 8″x 10″

   Darkseid 8″x 10″ sold

Magneto 8″x 10″ sold
  Herbie 8″x 10″

 Surfer 8″x 10″   Acroyear 8″x 10″ sold
 The Burgler 8″x 10″  sold  The King 8″x 10″
 Super Skrull 8″x 10″  Electro 8″x 10″
   8th Man b/w 8″x 10″ 

 8th Man color 8″x 10″ 


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