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No Tasmainian Devils allowed!

January 28, 2016

In the year 1990 the general public was introduced to a guy named Guy. Guy was a young artist from Chicago who had apprenticed under Bob Oslon. Right out of the gate Guy’s tattoo work was something special, and decades later Guy would be know as one of the leaders in the field of tattoo education. But this was 1990, little did the tattoo world know what it was in store for.

 Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue #7 1990


At the time tattoo magazines were still trying to find a voice (and a place to be sold!) and there was very little out there for rabid tattoo fans to get a hold of. So when these issues hit the stands, they were scooped up like gold in a stream. There was no internet, so published tattoo photos were studied and memorized and filed away for future reference. The magazines were primarily filled with biker tattoos, but the times were quickly changing. Then along comes Guy.

 The article was written by Guy’s then girlfriend Lorri Jackson, and gives great insight into his early career and motivation. And is just a great read all by itself.   


Guy can be found at Tattoo  and his own website, Guy


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